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Fundraising Masterclass: The Customization Approach

W680 glory3 Tom Rowland, Managing Director at GCM Grosvenor in Chicago, has led Team Glory Days to back-to-back team fundraising titles, with $30,000 raised for Rush University Medical Center each of the last two years. 

He recently shared his top five tips for taking your D10 fundraising to the next level. 

Customize your approach for each of your different network groups. Some of your network may not be as interested in the athletic side of the competition and and will just prefer to support you and a great cause financially. For others, the physical challenge of… Read More

Train With Purpose: Bench Without Pain

W680 dalton
Train With Purpose is a series brought to you in collaboration with Bodybuilding.com

By: Charles Staley
At age 58, Bodybuilding.com contributor Charles Staley can still deadlift 510 pounds. 

Taken as a whole, weight training is surprisingly safe compared to other physical activities. That may seem a little surprising, given that most gym rats seem to be complaining about some ailment or other. But the truth is, it's a short list of 2-3 very common injuries and pain issues that most of us are battling. Perhaps the most common issue, especially for men, is shoulder pain stemming from the flat barbell… Read More

Inception: Tic-Toc-Tober

W680 screen shot 2018 10 02 at 4.31.35 pm
Three-time Olympian Adam Nelson is the only World and Olympic Champion in the history of the shot put. 

I was helping my daughter with her math homework last week. She's a gifted student, so the only time she really makes a mistake is when she rushes her work. She knows what to do, but she does much better when she slows down. Exercise is a lot like my daughter's math homework. We're often in such a hurry to finish that we miss out on a lot of potential gains. The Tic-Toc-Tober workout challenges you to slow things down in order…
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Train With Purpose: Lifting With Tempo

W680 race 2419 photo 48369711
Train With Purpose is a series brought to you in collaboration with Bodybuilding.com

By: Charles Poliquin
Bodybuilding.com contributor Charles Poliquin trained Olympic medalists in a dozen sports. He died this week at age 57, leaving behind a substantial legacy. His works have been translated into 24 languages. 

A lot of trainees I talk to want to be stronger and look stronger—in that order. They don't want to look like some over inflated balloon ready to either pop or float away. They're after the look of power—a look that visually demands respect, not ridicule. These physiques feature lots of muscle, but… Read More

Nick Straughn: Turn Back to Your Strengths

W680 image First-year D10 San Francisco Bay Area athlete Nick Straughn is a Product Manager at Adobe. 

You’re part of The D10’s growing “UPenn Mafia.”

Kristen Judge and I were on the same track program in college, and we had the same network of friends here in San Francisco, so she tried to recruit me for the event in 2016. I was in a bunch of men’s basketball leagues, so I put it on the backburner. Friends of mine in the New York area - Austin Josiah, Kamar Saint-Louis - were getting into it at the same time, and so this year
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Noelle Ghoram: I Always Said Yes

W680 wf2 9v2 The list of high-level figure skaters from South Carolina is not extensive. At last count, only two ice rinks existed in the entire humid, subtropical state - one in the capital, Columbia, and the other two hours away on the coast, in North Charleston.

It was at the latter venue that Wells Fargo Energy Group Associate Noelle Ghoram began attending classes when she was eight years old. “I’m the kind of person who, when I have a commitment, I want to stick to it,” Noelle reflects. “I kept going to classes, and I kept making progress.”

By the end of
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Emily Hanrahan: Competitive for a Purpose

W680 img 7671 Two-time D10 Letterman Emily Hanrahan is an associate at Point72. 

Describe The D10 for someone who's never participated in it.
It’s first and foremost a community. It’s a months-long, maybe lifelong community, and it’s a journey together with that community, making one another the best athletes possible.

Everyone's an expert in something, and you learn from the people around you. No one goes in with the technique for every event, so you lean on each other, rely on each other. In the case of my own team, one of us played hockey, one was a football player, one played soccer, and
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Train With Purpose: Total-Body Strength

W680 jl2 0464
Train With Purpose is a series brought to you in collaboration with Bodybuilding.com

By: Charles Staley
Bodybuilding.com contributor Charles Staley is a coach, teacher, and three-time world champion in raw powerlifting. 

Lifters are notorious for getting lost in the details. They obsess over their grip width on biceps curls, whether they're doing "enough" for their quad sweep, and how many abs they can see at any given time of day.

Meanwhile, they ignore the real problems that are keeping them from adding size and strength. Total-Body Strong is the solution to that problem—and many others. It's how I train, Read More