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About The D10

What is The D10?

The D10 is a national tour that uses high-level athletic competition to produce a profound impact on pediatric cancer research. In 2016, NBC Sports aired an hourlong feature on the event. You can watch it HERE

What are the events?

The D10 involves athletic events commonly performed at the NFL Scouting Combine, Olympic decathlon, and on the playground.

(1) 400m run
(2) Football throw
(3) Pull-ups
(4) 40yd dash
(5) Broad jump
(6) 500m row
(7) Vertical jump
(8) 20yd shuttle
(9) Bench press
(10) 800m run

Is The D10 a fundraiser?

Yes it is. We believe world-class athletic competition should produce a huge philanthropic impact. The D10 aligns with the premier pediatric cancer institutions in North America, and D10 registrants earn their spot on the playing field by meeting The D10’s fundraising requirements. Consult The D10 fundraising primer to take your donation game to the next level.

Is there a Rule Book?

Yes, HERE is The D10 Rule Book for your reference.

Can I watch The D10 this year?

YES. In November 2017, The D10 released its NORMA streaming software, which gives the viewer the power to "tune in at the perfect time." NORMA's cameras cover the playing field on event day, and NORMA's software puts you in the director's chair. Watch our homepage for instructions on how to get NORMA on your mobile device. The D10 is the first live sporting event you get to watch on NORMA. Isn't that cool? Of course it is.

How do I train for The D10?

We got ya covered. The D10 offers a full, complimentary training program designed for athletes of all ages and all skill levels. We also give you complimentary access to the finest trainers and training facilities in every city that hosts a D10. Click the 'Training' head in the main navigation bar to view all of the training classes and training content.

Are there spectators? If so, where do I buy tickets?

The D10 is an awesome event to watch live! Bring your whole family; there’s a kids play area at every D10, plus concessions, live music and professional announcers. Tickets will go on sale approximately 30-days in advance of each D10.

Are there awards? If so, what are the awards categories?

YES, The D10 offers the coolest trophies outside of professional sports. Beginning in 2020, The D10's flagship NYC market will host a red carpet, black-tie gala that will put the Academy Awards to shame. Stay tuned...

Are there scoring tables that show how many points earned per event?

Each event is worth up to 1,000 points.

In The D10's Individual contest, an athlete may earn 100 bonus points in any given event if the athlete (a) wins the event and (b) breaks that event's D10 record. For example, if “Jordan Madhops” wins the Vertical Jump in Chicago with a leap of 47 inches, he earns 100 bonus points since (a) he won the Vertical, and (b) he broke the event record of 43.5 inches.

Consult The D10 Scoring Tables for men and women to set your 2019 goals.

One-fourth (1/4) of a TEAM’s points come from fundraising. Is there a fundraising scoring table?

Consult The D10 Fundraising Points Table to set your team's 2019 fundraising goal.


Is there a fundraising minimum to compete in The D10?

Yes. The D10's community harnesses physical ability to make an elevated social impact.

The fundraising minimums aren't just a promise to our beneficiaries....they're a promise to our athletes that everyone on the playing field has dedicated time and effort to achieving our mission. There are no exceptions.

We ask you to think in terms of maximums, not minimums. Every year, D10 athletes who've never raised $1000 before unlock the power of our message and bring in more than they thought possible: $5,000...$10,000...sometimes $50,000. What's more, they have fun doing it when they discover that fundraising success works just like athletic training: technique + effort=RESULTS.

Consult The D10 fundraising primer to take your donation game to the next level.

D10 fundraising requirements vary by market.

What percentage of the donation is received by the beneficiary?


Any/all donations submitted online are processed by and received directly by the beneficiary.

Donors receive tax receipts for 100% of their donation.

All donation acknowledgement letters are created and distributed by The D10’s beneficiary.

Do matching-gifts count towards the athlete’s fundraising goal?

Yes, absolutely.

We encourage all athletes to take advantage of their companies' matching-gifts program.

If you have any questions about your matching-gift program, email and ask to be put in touch with the Account Manager for your market.

Are stock gifts accepted?


If you have any questions about stock gifts, email, and we will reply promptly.

How are donations via check handled?

Most donating is done online, however, donations may also be submitted via check.

In New York;

(1) All checks must be made payable to MEMORIAL SLOAN KETTERING CANCER CENTER

(2) All checks must include the event ID E19AGDCL

(3) All checks must include the name of the athlete in the memo

(4) All checks may be mailed to;
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center,
c/o: April Maas
One Dag Hammerskjold Plaza
885 Second Ave., 8th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Please contact for any questions regarding check donations for events in Philadelphia, Columbus (OH), Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

Is there a PLEDGE FORM for check donations?

Yes. All check donations should be accompanied by a Pledge Form.

Pledge forms are specific to each market. The D10 NYC 2020 form is here. For donors, please contact to obtain a copy of the correct pledge form for your market.

Whom do I contact to obtain a tax receipt?

For donors who supported athletes competing in The D10 NEW YORK, please contact:
April Maas

All others, please contact and a D10 representative will connect you to the appropriate beneficiary.

I need a W9 for my company's matching gifts. Where do I get one?

For The D10 San Francisco Bay Area, here is a W9 for Lucile Packard Children's Hospital.

For The D10 New York, here is a W9 for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

The TEAM D10

How many people per team, and do we have to register together?

Each team is 2, 3 or 4 members. The choice is up to your team Captain.

You don’t have to register together. The Team Captain registers. Once registered, the Captain invites his/her teammates online through their Team D10 profile page. It’s just like sending an Evite to your birthday party.

What is the cost of registering a team?

To register a TEAM to compete in The D10 NYC, there is a one-time registration fee of $1,200.

To register a TEAM to compete in any other market, there is a one-time registration fee of $800.

Do I have to attempt all 10 events?

Nope. That’s the beauty of The TEAM D10. Only the top TWO results in each of the 10 events earn your team points. So, as long as 2 people on your team complete an event, then your team earns points.

Does fundraising affect my team score and what’s the minimum?

YES, fundraising affects your score. There are 26,667 points available in The TEAM D10. Your team may earn up to 6,667 points from your fundraising performance and up to 20,000 points from your athletic performance.

In New York, the minimum is $8,000 per team. In all other markets, the minimum is $6,000 per team.

May men and women compete on the same team?

Yes, mixed gender teams are encouraged. In fact, those are historically the best performing teams in The D10.

What happens if my Team doesn’t meet the fundraising minimum?

The D10 is a fundraising event. Our community of leaders and up-and-comers have set a benchmark that's achievable for any team that makes a sincere effort. Meet the minimum to earn your team’s ticket on to the playing field. Otherwise, watch The D10 on NORMA and be inspired to join this community next year.

Do I have to work in financial services to register for The TEAM D10?

No. Just bring your "A game".


Do I have to complete all 10 events?

No, but you are encouraged to try them all. Every D10 event is fun and approachable. The inspiration and camaraderie you get from other competitors in our training classes and on event day will give you everything you need to tackle all 10 events. Of course, if you’re injured and need to bypass an event, that’s cool, too.

What is the cost to register?

To register to compete as an INDIVIDUAL in The D10 NYC, there is a one-time registration fee of $475.

To register to compete as an INDIVIDUAL in any/all other markets, there is a one-time registration fee of $305.

Do I have to work in the financial services community?

No. We welcome “impact athletes” from energy, tech, professional services, healthcare, real estate, etc.

What is the fundraising minimum?

In New York, the fundraising minimum is $3,000 per person in order to guarantee your spot on the playing field.

For all other markets, the fundraising minimum is $2,000 per person in order to guarantee your spot on the playing field.

Is there anyone at The D10 I may speak to?

Yes, our awesome team is available 24/7 in Houston, TX to answer your questions. Feel free to email or to call 346-223-2049.

May I transfer to the TEAM D10?

Yes, just contact for assistance.

Are there age groups?

Yes, the INDIVIDUAL D10 offers age-group awards (depending on the market) and segments participants according to their age. The categories include Under-30, 30-39, 40-49, 50+.

Free Agency

How much does it cost to register as a free agent?

It's the same entry fee as The Individual D10.

What happens if I don't get drafted?

There's no downside once you register. You can either compete on a team of undrafted free agents, or participate in The D10 as an individual.

I'm a free agent looking to join a D10 Team in San Francisco – can I get drafted by a D10 Team competing in a different market?

Nope. Each market forms its own teams. We want you to focus on training and fundraising, not flights and hotels.

What happens if I decline an invitation?

No hard feelings. But the Team Captain that attempted to draft you may spiral down into what George Costanza called the "It's not you. It's me!" routine.

Let's assume I receive an invitation. How do I look up who else is on the team?

The invitation includes the team name and captain's name. Use the search tool on to view the team that wants you to join it.

Can a team draft a free agent of any gender?

Yes. The D10 encourages co-ed teams. Men's and Women's Scoring Tables are available in the FAQ under "Knowledge" on, and remember, only a Team's top two scores in each event count toward overall standings.

Whom do I contact if I have questions about free agency?

Just email The D10 team: A representative will reply within 24 hours.