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Nobody in The D10 community settles for the minimum. When you train for an event, you learn the technique, you apply effort, and you get results. Why should fundraising be any different?


D10 Fundraising: tips and templates

For a complete set of The D10's best practices and proven-effective fundraising email templates, download this five-page document.

Our beneficiaries have produced short, eye-catching brochures attesting to the impact D10 athletes have on the fight against pediatric cancer:

Aim High: The 10K Club
The highest honor The D10 bestows is membership in the 10K Club, which recognizes athletes who raise $10,000+ in a single annual campaign. 

Does $10K seem out of reach? It isn't. Unlocking your donor network can be daunting at first. It takes persistence. Guess what? It's totally worth it.

Best Practices in Action:
For an example of what's possible, read these pointers from 2018 rookie fundraising sensation Eric Vishnevetsky...

Integrate the marketing-based approach of D10 fundraising legend Stuart Barden....

In the words of perennial 10K Club member Crystal Ho, it's about telling your story. 

Help Others, Help Yourself
D10 athletes who get over the first few hurdles reap tremendous rewards, not only in terms of their philanthropic impact, but in terms of their career opportunities, their personal relationships and their professional skill sets, as well. 

Peers, colleagues, friends and family are far more generous than you assume.  Share your goals and ask for their support! Are you nervous to knock on that senior partner's door? He or she was in your shoes once. It may not feel like it when there's a lump in your throat, but asking top-level people to support your D10 campaign has huge upside and no downside. Pediatric cancer research is as good a cause as there is anywhere in the world. Be proud of it. You'll be rewarded for standing out. 

Companies rally behind their athletes in The D10, including most senior executives. The D10 family is happy to assist you in covering your company's matching policy, or identifying a key colleague to help you spread the word.
Get a jump on your fundraising right away by announcing you've registered to compete in The D10.  Explain what the mission is, and why you chose to become involved. Be prepared to follow up and to have the same conversation multiple times. People are busy and usually distracted.  A gentle reminder never hurt anyone.
Know the beneficiary
One hundred percent of the donations you collect will go directly to the beneficiary - one of the leading pediatric cancer institutions in North America.  Each of The D10's beneficiaries is world-renowned in the field of oncology and praised for its efficient stewardship of funds. Your donors will want to know their money is going to be in good hands. It's in the best hands. Period. 
Don't just thank your donors. Make them part of the journey by announcing important fundraising milestones and describing your training and fundraising process in the run-up to the event. 
All D10 athletes are given a personal profile page, which tracks fundraising, and which includes an email template that may be customized before sending to colleagues, clients, friends, and family.
The D10 staff can assist with your messaging to donors, whether you are emailing, mailing letters, having riveting conversations, or using social media. We've been there, done that, and we know how to do it effectively. 
The best fundraisers in the world hear "no" more than they hear "yes." Knock me down nine times, but I get up 10. Keep practicing your approach, and be persistent. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.