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UNBROKEN [16.17]

W680 race 2412 photo 37677993 Market:  New York
Athlete: Yiwen Zhu, Goldman Sachs

I live my life one quote at a time. Brownie points if you know which movie’s quote I tweaked just now. Hint: #8 came out in April. As a former captain of the math and academic teams in high school (who also dabbled in the anime club), training for The D10 last year was a solid step away from my core strengths, if you know what I mean. But, all professional athletes started from square one. And, the ones who make it out on top were the ones who weren’t … Read More

UNBROKEN [15.17]

W680 profile photo Market:  New York
Athlete:  David Wood, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I can already feel the intense fluttering of butterflies in my stomach as I gear up for my first D10 experience on June 11, 2017. From the moment I heard about the event, I knew I had to be a part of it.

My memory recalls the voice of my football coach, "Men, just wait until you have to wake up every single day and head to work, then we’ll… Read More

UNBROKEN [14.17]

W680 profile photo.jpg

: New York
Athlete:  Everett Watson, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I first heard about The D10 while interning at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. People talked about these competitors who, years into their careers, would test themselves and compete in this challenge to be the strongest, fastest, quickest – to perform at the highest level and do it all for charity. 

I returned to my senior year at Stanford recovering from an injury that had ended my rowing season year before – it took two separate surgeries to repair the damage. As I worked back into the sport Read More

UNBROKEN [13.17]

W680 race 3726 photo 54430709 Market:  New York
Athlete:  Casey Gough, Morgan Stanley

After graduating from Holy Cross in 2008, I knew that I wanted a career path that challenged me, I just had no idea that pathway would take me to Wall Street.  Like any young professional, I leaned heavily on graduates from my alma mater for advice.  Most of them played competitive football in college like myself.  They understood what made me tick, so when they described the competitive atmosphere coupled with a team focused environment… I knew Wall Street was the closest I was going to get to a gridiron… Read More

Dr. Kamraan’s Phase 4: Chiropractic Adjustment

W680 aj2 Dr Kamraan's spinal manipulations: improve your overall joint, muscle, fascia, ligament, and tendon balance in preparation for The D10

Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health. Chiropractic services are used most often to treat neuromusculoskeletal complaints, including but not limited to back pain, neck pain, pain in the joints of the arms or legs, and headaches.   The word ‘Chiropractic’ comes from the Greek… Read More

UNBROKEN [12.17]

W680 top fundraiser brian 3568b4 Market  New York
Athlete:  Brian Kuritzky, UBS

Summer 2001

"Brian? BRIAN?! I need your help, NOW!"  My father shrieks as he storms through the door.  My aunt rushes in after him, trying to keep up while keeping herself together.   I follow after them - moving as fast as my teenage legs will move into my mother's room.

Something was wrong.  Something was really wrong.  I knew my mother's battle (more like a 10 year war) with cancer was not going well.  She frequently slept, rarely ate, and barely spoke.  Now,
Read More

UNBROKEN [11.17]

W680 img 3019

:  New York
Athlete:  Christian Schulz, Goldman Sachs

Four years ago, as a 42 year-old smoker with a beer gut and a demanding job and two kids, I was pretty sure my days as an athlete were well behind me.  And though we were happy, my wife and I weren’t exactly thrilled that middle age was looming on the horizon.  (Not that we doing much to postpone the inevitable.  Let’s face it, at the end of long day it’s easier to… Read More

UNBROKEN [10.17]

W680 jpk MARKET:  New York
ATHLETE:  J.P. Kril, Stifel

Maximizing My Vitality - From the Heart of a Caregiver  

I’m competing for my dad, a man who would burn himself up to give others the light.   Life is beautiful, exhilarating and fun, yet simultaneously precious, delicate, and finite. Perhaps, the latter is what creates and consistently reinforces the former. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. I believe that each moment of each day should serve… Read More