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UNBROKEN [05.17]

W680 race 2412 photo 37672348

Market:  New York

Athlete:  Chris Howell, Barclays

Cancer first impacted my life at Hofstra University where I was a member of the university’s lacrosse team.  A member of the team, Nick Collelouri, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL).  Sadly, he passed away in 2006.  Nick's legacy lives on through the Headstrong Foundation and is closely intertwined in the lacrosse community and has raised millions to fight cancer.

When I learned about The D10 in 2015 through a colleague, I knew I had to be involved. The D10 filled a competitive void I was missing from collegiate sports…

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UNBROKEN [04.17]

W680 race 2412 photo 37660490

Market:  New York

Athlete:  Tom Klepper, Cantor Fitzgerald

June 11, 2017 will be my second consecutive year competing in The D10. My colleague spoke about The D10 with such enthusiasm, I knew it would be unlike anything I ever experienced. Between the unique composition of the events and the cause, I was hooked. I registered without a second thought.

It is a painful truth that cancer impacts virtually everyone we know. I began to think each athlete goes into this challenge with a why. For me, The D10 is the perfect opportunity to make a difference for…

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W680 meal 4 best breakfasts for a fitter life gear patrol


Look no further than the fat-free food boom of the late 20th century to know that the prevailing wisdom about what constitutes healthy food has been, at times, dead wrong. It turns out that a fat-free Entenmann’s raspberry danish is bad, while a high-fat avocado is good. Of course, as food fads come and go there are always people who have advocated for eating whole, nutrient-dense foods that haven’t been processed; that wisdom, thankfully, is mainstream at the moment, and some of the biggest advocates are athletes for whom food is fuel — and the cleaner the…

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NYC, it’s on! Exclusive training with Coach Ted Towle returns...

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He’s run 47 seconds for 400m, 1:47 for 800m, and spent the past 3 years preparing The D10’s athletes for success.

Track training sessions with Coach Ted Towle are back.  Join Coach Ted beginning beginning this Saturday, February 18th at 8am.  Here’s how;

  • Login to your D10 profile 
  • Visit https://nyc.thed10.com/training_classes
  • Click the RSVP button next to the session(s) you will attend
  • You MUST RSVP to attend
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email
  • Show up
  • Dominate
  • Space is limited. First come first serve. 
Bring it,
The D10

Integrity and accountability policy:  No-shows who do not provide prior notice are precluded for RSVP’ing for subsequent sessions.

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UNBROKEN [03.17]

W680 unbrokenmattdionis

Market: Boston

Athlete: Matt Dionis, Circle Financial 

In the spring of 2012 my dad was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma. After an emergency surgery and months of intense chemotherapy and radiation he was thankfully declared cancer-free. As we were getting used to things going “back to normal” in our family, we received a phone call that my mother-in-law had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought a similar battle and thankfully reached the same cancer-free outcome. Both my dad and mother-in-law will tell you that their healthy lifestyles leading up to, as well as during, their…

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UNBROKEN [02.17]

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Market:  Boston

Athlete:  Stern Chamblain

Competing in The BOSTON D10’s Inaugural event in 2016 was by far one of the best moments of my life. Just about a year ago, I was “pressured” by my wife and good friend Jim Norcott (Boston’s D10 Champion), to sign up. I kept telling them that I wasn’t in the best shape and hated the thought of competing in a few of the events (the 400 meter and 800 meter run to be exact…). I grew up playing basketball, so I was more accustomed to running short sprints. It had been years…

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The Future of Sports, Fitness & Health: BOSTON Edition

Boston’s CEOs and Entrepreneurs gather to discuss the business and future of burgeoning $3T economy of mind & body

Boston, MA -- (January 26th, 2017) – Best-selling author of Sweat Equity: Inside the New Economy of Mind & Body, Jason Kelly, moderates an all-star panel of Boston’s leaders in athletic footwear, fitness, and health at Boston’s SWEAT EQUITY reception on Monday, January 30th from 7-9:00pm at Pioneer Investments’ office in downtown Boston.

A limited quantity of tickets is available only online at -- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boston-sweat-equity-reception-tickets-30464643569

Boston’s thought leaders include;

  1. Marcus Wilson, Founder of Hingham-based footwear provider,…
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UNBROKEN [Installment 01.17]

W680 unbroken2017chris

Market: New York

Athlete: Chris Chiodo, Morgan Stanley

In October, 1996 the Yankees were down 2 games to none in the World Series, and my dad was just finishing his third surgery and going through intense rounds of chemotherapy. I was 7 years old at the time and it was tough to grasp the severity of what was going on, but it was clear that things were not looking good. People were anticipating the end. But with a lot of prayer and a lot of science, the doctors and nurses at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center got my dad…

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