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Steve Bellisari: You Have to Have a Team Mentality

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Though pro football’s a decade in the rearview mirror, Steve Bellisari can still rattle off the stops of his professional career in photographic detail. Drafted as a QB out of Ohio State in 2002, Bellisari’s athleticism allowed him to convert to the secondary in the NFL; a catastrophic knee injury put his pro dreams on hold. Back under center, and back in his old Ohio stomping grounds, Bellisari helped the Dayton Warbirds of the National Indoor Football League to a playoff run in 2005. That showing led to an Arena 2 season with the Manchester (NH) Wolves, a stint… Read More

Joe Cirincione: Everyone We Care About Is Behind Us

W680 teamundrafted  1 A version of this post originally ran in March 2017. 

In 2016 my brother, Steve, found out about The D10 and asked if I would be interested in competing. Steve and I grew up together and played countless neighborhood sports in addition to organized roller hockey, ice hockey, and high school tennis. Our athletics carried through college as well. Since then, we remained active in our professional lifestyles. We decided that The D10 would be the ultimate physical challenge. Additionally, when seeing the impact that The D10 has made thus far, raising millions of dollars for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center… Read More

Train With Purpose: Hitting It Harder, The Right Way

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Train With Purpose is a series brought to you by 

By Charles Staley

There's an unfortunate progression that many people fall into while training:
  1. Hit it
  2. Hit it harder
  3. Get injured
  4. Back off
  5. Repeat steps 1-4
Compared to many other physical activities, lifting is a surprisingly safe pursuit. But there's a fine line between building your grit and toughness, and putting yourself at risk of ending your training career. As someone who has been at this for a few decades, I'm here to hold a mirror up to those times you're just a little too confident that nothing
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Women Who Win: Samantha Santaniello

W680 d10 41 The D10's Women Who Win series, brought to you in collaboration with ADAY, spotlights some of the incredible female athletes who take to The D10's playing field each year. 

Meet Point72 Associate Samantha Santaniello

Four years ago, I was working at Point72 with eight men (some former pro and collegiate athletes) who were thinking about signing up for The D10. They convinced me to do the same. Little did I expect, NONE of them actually pulled the trigger to compete. I couldn’t do a single pull-up, had never benched, had never even really trained for anything similar to this before. However,
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Optimal Energy for Executive Athletes

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by Dr. Jeff Rosenberg

What does it mean when a driven person says, “I’m feeling lazy”; or “I’m too tired”? You might think it’s simply a mood, or a phase. But in fact, these states are symptoms of an energy problem. Strange as it may seem, an energy problem makes it impossible to work well, and simultaneously lowers motivation to do so.

When we operate at our optimal energy level, we maximize productivity, meet challenges head-on, and simply accomplish more. More work gets done, and the quality of work delivered improves as well. Sadly, few people actually manage to operate
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Isabel Smith: Conquering The D10 Begins in the Kitchen

W680 dsc 9873 edit rt preview Whether you’re a D10 Letterman or a new competitor, how you fuel your training has a major impact on how you perform on Game Day. Having worked with many competitive athletes at various points in their careers, I have found that the biggest shifts in performance come when athletes really nail down their nutrition.

There are two different parts of the day to think about: the workout, and then the rest of the day.

Here’s how to fuel your workout
The pre/during/post workout timeframe is key, because focusing on fueling during this time can both enhance energy and Read More

Women Who Win: Precious Capiral

W680 img 3560 The D10's Women Who Win series, brought to you in collaboration with ADAY, spotlights some of the incredible female athletes who take to The D10's playing field each year. 

Meet BAML Director Precious Capiral. 

What's been your experience with The D10?

I know it may sound corny, but The D10 has truly changed my life. As a 4’11”, sub-110lb woman, I am generally considered petite. When you look at me, “strong” is probably not one of the first words that comes to mind. I used to share that sentiment. I used to have insecurities around being small, which translated into low self-confidence. That… Read More

Jade Dean: I like showing that Moms can be fit too!

W680 unnamed How do you balance being a mother of two with training for an event like The D10?
I signed up for The D10 literally one week after my second son was born, as part of a commitment I made to carve out some time for myself amidst the craziness of motherhood.  Looking back, it still seems crazy to me that I signed up so abruptly, but I’ve even surprised myself with my newfound discipline. Now I can look forward to celebrating the completion of The D10 alongside my youngest son’s first birthday in the same week in June.

It’s been
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