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Dylan Drake: Doing Things the Right Way

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Dylan Drake, a product manager at Google, won the inaugural D10 San Francisco Men's Individual trophy in 2016, while raising over $5000 for Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. Coming out of South Florida, he was recruited as a defensive end and matriculated at Yale University. 

"The traditions of Yale football were the main selling point," he recalls now. "I really fell in love with the Yale Bowl. I was enamored by the opportunity to play in a stadium with that kind of pedigree." 

After college, Dylan spent a year playing American football professionally in Denmark, as a designated "import player." He played…
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Megan Light: The Amount We Can Give

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After my last workout before The D10, I told my trainer I was going to take a couple of weeks off and figure out my next fitness plan while eating copious amounts of junk food. It wasn’t even a full week, however, before I was back in the gym, telling him, “I’m going to do it again, and I’m going to do it better in 2018.”

That is the power of The D10.

I joined my D10 team in 2017 on impulse. I’d like to say that “accidentally” signing up for a ten-event athletic competition is outside my wheelhouse, but it is …
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Rookie Spotlight: Courtney Wilde

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Salesforce.com Account Executive Courtney Wilde, a former UCLA varsity swimmer, recently registered her team to compete in their first D10. She spoke to us about food, training strategies and what it’s like having an Olympic Gold Medalist as your babysitter. 

What’s been the arc of your life as an athlete?
I did ballet and tennis as a child, but swimming is what stuck. It was in my family a little bit, because my Mom swam when she was young, and I have an aunt who does triathlons. My uncle played water polo in college. 

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Women Who Win: Shelly Mady

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The D10's Women Who Win series, brought you in collaboration with ADAY, spotlights some of the incredible female athletes who take to The D10's playing field each year. 

Meet Shelly Mady, managing director at Ankura. 

What has competitive athletics meant to your life?
Growing up in Pennsylvania, sports were always a big part of my life. I ran cross country, and I played soccer since I was very young. In high school, my soccer team came into its own between my freshman and senior year, and advanced further than it ever had in our school’s history.

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Train With Purpose: Those Sexy Mirror Muscles

W680 jl2 0409 Train With Purpose is a series brought to you in partnership with bodybuilding.com

by Mark Bell
Bodybuilding.com contributor Mark Bell, aka "Smelly" from the documentary feature Bigger, Stronger, Faster, is a champion powerlifter. This post has been slightly adapted from its original form

As a powerlifter, my main goal is to lift as much as I can in the bench, squat, and deadlift. But I don't want to look like a fat, swollen sack of s---. I came up with a program that would allow me to keep lifting heavy and help me grow some big-ass,
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Fundraising Masterclass: Conviction in the Mission

W680 103612 02 00282 000h153 Stuart Barden
Vice President, White Oak Global Advisors
Captain, White Oak Warriors

Your team has raised over $55,000 for D10 competitions in San Francisco and New York City. What’s your secret?

I’m a beneficiary of the firm I work for. White Oak is a private credit fund. We work with a lot of law firms. We work with a lot of accounting firms. We work with a boatload of consulting firms. In addition to our San Francisco headquarters, we have a large New York office and satellite offices sprinkled across the country.

I rely on my colleagues to put me
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Dalton Turay: This Is Legit

W680 1117ucdfootball2w You have a pretty serious athletic background.
I played football over at UC Davis, 2011-2015. I walked on freshman year, after initially playing rugby, and I was super slender, after running a bunch with rugby. I tried out for safety, and all my training was geared toward being quick and light and backpedaling. Then one of the fullbacks on the roster got injured, and they said, you’ll make the team if you give that a shot. I changed my training strategy quickly.

Slowly I noticed that every guy I had walked on with was no longer showing up to practices.
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D10 NYC 2018 Yearbook, Part Two

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If you've attended or competed in both, you know The D10 NYC Team event and The D10 NYC Individual event have distinct personalities. 

The Team event is effervescent with camaraderie and a sense of play. The Individual event vibrates with a more focused determination. Both are celebrations, and both consummate months of dedicated training and fundraising by D10 athletes. But like a proverbial firstborn child, The D10 NYC Individual event gets right down to business.

Undaunted by gray, heavy skies, athletes at the tenth annual D10 NYC broke long-standing records… Read More