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UNBROKEN [11.17]

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:  New York
Athlete:  Christian Schulz, Goldman Sachs

Four years ago, as a 42 year-old smoker with a beer gut and a demanding job and two kids, I was pretty sure my days as an athlete were well behind me.  And though we were happy, my wife and I weren’t exactly thrilled that middle age was looming on the horizon.  (Not that we doing much to postpone the inevitable.  Let’s face it, at the end of long day it’s easier to… Read More

UNBROKEN [10.17]

W680 jpk MARKET:  New York
ATHLETE:  J.P. Kril, Stifel

Maximizing My Vitality - From the Heart of a Caregiver  

I’m competing for my dad, a man who would burn himself up to give others the light.   Life is beautiful, exhilarating and fun, yet simultaneously precious, delicate, and finite. Perhaps, the latter is what creates and consistently reinforces the former. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. I believe that each moment of each day should serve… Read More

Kettlebell Kitchen Sports Performance Nutrition Series: Part 2

Part 2: Dialing in your macros and fueling for competition

Written by Kettlebell Kitchen Nutritionists: Amanda Montalvo, RD and Kim Jordan, NTP

In the last post we discussed inflammation and its effects on your gut, performance, and overall health. We highlighted foods to avoid and specific foods to include. So now that we’ve discussed the “what”, let’s go over the “how much.”

Kettlebell Kitchen Nutrition Hierarchy
The topics highlighted in the below pyramid are listed in order of importance and the overall affect on your body.  Think of the bottom sections as foundations to build upon.
Thumb nutrition heirarchy
How Much Should You Read More

Dr. Kamraan's ankle & hip mobilization and Alter-G treadmill: Improve performance in the 20 yard shuttle and 400m + 800m events

Ankle & Hip Mobilization
There are four main motions that occur at the ankle joint: dorsiflexion, plantar flexion, inversion, and eversion.

All ranges of motion (ROM) are challenged during running or cutting movements, so it is imperative to have appropriate stability within the ankle joint. The ankle joint describes the interaction between the talus bone, the tibia, and the fibula (it is important to note that the fibula is a non-weight bearing bone - however its role in ankle ROM remains pertinent to running/cutting movements).

The picture below shows how New York City athlete, Joe Mastrolia, can promote ankle ROM… Read More

UNBROKEN [09.17]

W680 race 2412 photo 37669302 Market:  New York
Athlete:  Caroline Farkas, RBC Capital Markets

“Caroline, pull yourself up.”

I dangled on the pull-up bar in my younger brother’s high school gym. Inhale. Pull. Nope.

“Come on, just one!” My brother cheered. Another deep breath. Pull. Not even one.

It was April 2016 and after signing up for The D10, I recruited my younger brother to record my starting reps. This was going to be hard.

I have never been afraid of
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Dr. Kamraan's accessory therapies for muscle activation: improve performance in the football throw, 500m row, 400m & 800m

The Voodoo Floss Band - developed by Rogue Fitness, is based on the concept of using compression associated with movements (known as tack and flossing). Much like Active Release Technique - the Voodoo Floss Bands represent another accessory for athletes to activate their muscles, reduce swelling, re-perfuse stiff connective tissue, restore joint mechanics, and promote overall flexibility.

The bands can be used before or after your workout, however, they should not be left on for more than a few minutes due to the intense compression of the nerves/blood vessels. Click here for a thorough video on how to use Voodoo… Read More

Kettlebell Kitchen's Sport Performance Nutrition Series: Part 1

Part 1: Inflammatory foods, gut health, and the connection to athletic performance

Written by Kettlebell Kitchen Nutritionists: Amanda Montalvo, RD and Kim Jordan, NTP

Inflammation within the body, and the health of your gut can directly affect your athletic performance. Performance is not only about how many carbs you eat or what supplements you take, but more about the current state of your body. Certain foods cause more inflammation than others. These can differ for every individual; however, certain foods are inflammatory for everyone. These include processed vegetable and seed oils, processed sweeteners, and proteins such as gluten (in wheat…

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UNBROKEN [08.17]

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Market:  New York 

Athlete:  Naeem Muhammed, Goldman Sachs

As a child I had really bad asthma, so my mother and I made frequent trips to see my pediatrician. I loved going to the doctor. My pediatrician was a sweet older woman who gave me lollipops and I knew my mother would buy me a happy meal afterward if I was well behaved (chubby kid problems). These trips allowed me to bond with my mother and I swore that I'd become a pediatrician someday. I'd like to think that during my childhood and teenage years I overcame a decent… Read More