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D10 Houston 2018 Yearbook

W680 guz row Fundraising accounts for one quarter of all available points in The D10 Team competition--up to 6667 points out of a possible 26667. Teams looking to hoist the trophy therefore have a sizable incentive to hit the points maximum, which has been set for years at $50,000 raised. 

In The D10's ten-year history, there had never been an event where three different teams achieved that fundraising points maximum...

Until last weekend. 

The powerhouse fundraising performances from Trafigura Trading (Team Traf), Nutrabolt (Team Metron), and the SWEAT 1000 women's team propelled The D10 Houston 2018 to a record $462,000+ for MD Anderson… Read More

Join Our Team: The D10 Is Hiring!

W680 stage "A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion dollars."

Thanks to the efforts of driven executive athletes across the United States, The D10 has raised $12 million to fund the fight against pediatric cancer. 

We're just getting started. 

In 2019 The D10 is expanding its athletic tour to new cities, launching new ventures, and scaling up to make an even larger impact. 

We are now hiring for four different positions. 

Market Manager (New York City)
Operations Coordinator
Business Development
Digital and Technology

Join us. 
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Join Our Team: Digital and Technology

W680 vpd The D10’s Vice President of Digital Content (VPD) oversees The D10’s entire public-facing online identity and is responsible for growing and serving a curated, nationwide audience of executive athletes. The ideal VPD is a connoisseur of trends in technology: hardware, software, data analytics. You know the ins and outs of consumer electronics products by heart, and you probably taught yourself a programming language for fun. Troubleshooting, algorithms and optimization are not buzzwords to you; they’re your native tongue. You will work closely with The D10’s Brand Manager and Strategy Officer to ensure and promote the daily delivery of content Read More

Join Our Team: Business Development

W680 saas The D10’s SaaS (software-as-a-service) Sales Executive (SSE) is responsible for business development efforts related to the company’s proprietary multi-event contest management software.  Whether selling licenses to owners of fitness facilities, or to Human Resources and Benefits professionals, the SSE brings a bevy of relationships and savvy to the sales process. Reporting directly to The D10’s Chief Operating Officer, the SSE assumes responsibility for leading and evolving three core areas of critical organizational performance:  generating demand, building and managing a successful sales team, and providing business and market intelligence.

You will excel if...

Read the complete job description here, and
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Join Our Team: Ops Coordinator

W680 ops The D10 Operations Coordinator (“OC”) is responsible for the procurement and management of vendors, as well as supporting sponsors and partners.  Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), the OC diligently maintains and documents all communication with The D10’s vendors, sponsors, and partners to ensure all products, services are delivered and deployed as proposed.  

You will excel if...

Download the complete job description here, and direct inquiries to adam.nelson@thed10.com
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Join Our Team: NYC Market Manager

W680 nymm The D10’s Market Manager is the primary name, face, and voice of The D10 in a city, responsible for building, cultivating, and challenging a curated audience whose median age (31), fundraising capacity (median raised $6k/person), and desire for a competitive athletic outlet distinguishes them from their professional peers.  

The D10 Market Manager is a job that requires savvy and hustle. You will excel if...

Download the complete job description here, and direct inquiries to heather.colvin@thed10.com
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Rookie Spotlight: Abby Liu

W680 abby1 I played tennis all 3.5 years at University of Texas and led my team to the Big 12 finals every year. Two of those years we went to the NCAA Sweet 16, and my last year at UT, I was ranked as high as 61 according to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association.

I love tennis because when I step on the court, I feel like I'm in my element. Nothing else in the world matters. No stress. No thought about what is going to happen tomorrow or the day after. For me, it's all about being in the moment and being
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Train With Purpose: Better Ab Training

W680 abs
Train With Purpose is a series brought to you in collaboration with Bodybuilding.com

By: Charles Staley
At age 58, Bodybuilding.com contributor Charles Staley can still deadlift 510 pounds. 

Maybe it's just me, but doing ab work pretty much sucks. Of course, there's the fact that it often burns to a degree that surpasses almost anything else we do in the gym. But it also feels like many lifters do it for purely superficial reasons. If that's your motivation, go for it. However, I've always felt better about what I'm doing if I train for functionality and strength—and simply end up with… Read More