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Have a Nagging Injury? Try Catching More ZZZs

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Have a Nagging Injury? Try Catching More ZZZs

By Raechel Bugner DPT, FAFS
Finish Line Physical Therapy

If you’ve been sidelined by injury recently, or are constantly dealing with nagging pain, it’s helpful to look beyond the training and rehab for clues as to why your injury doesn’t heal as planned. What if you’re doing all of the stretches, foam rolling and strengthening exercises your PT or fitness magazine recommends, and you continue to experience nagging pain? Maybe it’s time to examine your sleep habits.

Sleep plays a critical role in the body’s ability to repair tissue damage, build energy…
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UNBROKEN [20.17]

W680 race 2412 photo 37672948 Market:  New York City
Athlete:  Dominic Cice, Capital Dynamics

2017 marked the 7th year I have been competing in The D10, and it gets better and better each year. Unfortunately I keep getting older and the competition keeps getting tougher. Like many others, I saw it as an opportunity to get the competitive juices flowing and help balance the endless hours sitting behind a computer each day.

I remember coming into the first year not knowing what to expect. To my surprise, the camaraderie among the participants was amazing. Everyone was on the sidelines rooting for the other competitors
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UNBROKEN [19.17]

W680 profile photo Market:  New York
Athlete:  Rob Befumo, UBS

I am a survivor.  Everyone has a reason to be competing in The D10, this is mine.  Helping raise funds for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), the hospital that treated me, makes it special.  For you to truly understand the impact The D10 and MSKCC has had on my life I would like to share my story.

Nothing could be harder than listening to a doctor tell you that you have cancer.  Besides it clearly being a life changing moment, it comes with so much unknown.  There I am thinking…
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UNBROKEN [18.17]

W680 chap decathlon 1

:  New York
Athlete:  Chap Michie, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

I graduated from the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in May 2015 having spent the past four years learning first hand the role that leaders need to play in today’s society. I felt compelled to start my life after college by contributing to an organization focused on meeting difficult challenges head on. As I started searching for ways to make an impact, I came across an article on the J.P. Morgan intranet that told me everything I needed to know. It presented…
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UNBROKEN [17.17]

W680 race 2412 photo 37664285 Market:  New York
Athlete:  Travis Melvin, Hudson Advisors

I’ve participated in The D10 for the past 3-years and continue to enjoy the competitive environment, new friendships and overall opportunity to support a great cause. I guarantee that if you ask any athlete, their purpose for competing is about supporting the cause rather than trying to go home with a trophy. Once the competition is over everyone feels like a winner no matter what place they come in. 

The D10 is the primary fitness competition I train for each year and every D10 is different -- and better --… Read More

UNBROKEN [16.17]

W680 race 2412 photo 37677993 Market:  New York
Athlete: Yiwen Zhu, Goldman Sachs

I live my life one quote at a time. Brownie points if you know which movie’s quote I tweaked just now. Hint: #8 came out in April. As a former captain of the math and academic teams in high school (who also dabbled in the anime club), training for The D10 last year was a solid step away from my core strengths, if you know what I mean. But, all professional athletes started from square one. And, the ones who make it out on top were the ones who weren’t … Read More

UNBROKEN [15.17]

W680 profile photo Market:  New York
Athlete:  David Wood, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I can already feel the intense fluttering of butterflies in my stomach as I gear up for my first D10 experience on June 11, 2017. From the moment I heard about the event, I knew I had to be a part of it.

My memory recalls the voice of my football coach, "Men, just wait until you have to wake up every single day and head to work, then we’ll… Read More

UNBROKEN [14.17]

W680 profile photo.jpg

: New York
Athlete:  Everett Watson, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I first heard about The D10 while interning at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. People talked about these competitors who, years into their careers, would test themselves and compete in this challenge to be the strongest, fastest, quickest – to perform at the highest level and do it all for charity. 

I returned to my senior year at Stanford recovering from an injury that had ended my rowing season year before – it took two separate surgeries to repair the damage. As I worked back into the sport Read More