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Dawn of a new day...

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It is with great excitement, nerves, hope, and uncertainty that I step into new territory.

For a decade, I watched my husband, Dave, and countless others build The D10 into something special.  I got to know the community, sometimes first-hand and, often, second-hand around the dinner table. 

I got to meet inspiring doctors, scientists, researchers, and support staff who boldly pursued efforts to conquer pediatric cancer thanks to critical funding provided by The D10.

I enjoyed a front-row seat as The D10 deliberately built itself into an invaluable launching pad for brands that have become household names.  To this day… Read More

Why The D10 is coming back...

W680 d10 hou promo 030 It is difficult to justify the discontinuation of something that works, particularly when its social impact is deliberate and profound.

The D10 never stopped because of itself, but rather COVID challenged every aspect of it.  We aren’t unique in this manner.  

But why bring it back rather than create something new?  I believe we are uniquely offered an opportunity to do both despite how oxymoronic that may sound.  

See, The D10’s experience hasn’t ever been the exact same year over year.  It was wildly different from 2012-2014 when the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) owned the naming rights.  D10 ‘birthed’
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Greg Scheinman: We Have More Choices Now

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Greg Scheinman
The D10 Houston
Partner at Insgroup
Creator, The Midlife Male Podcast

I cannot possibly work out as much as my wife is baking, so when this quarantine is over, I'm either going to be 250 lbs from overeating, or 150 lbs from overtraining. It helps to have a sense of humor about everything, and as the late, great Warren Zevon said “Enjoy every sandwich.”

Like many of us, I started off 2020 with big plans and aspirations. I was named 2020 Power Broker by Risk and Insurance Magazine for the Hospitality and Consumer Products Goods industry. My firm, INSGROUP,… Read More

Sarah Ofner: Time Together

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Sarah Ofner
D10 Houston
Director of Marketing (Pasta & Noodles)
Riviana Foods

Let's start with work. How have you been affected?
Work has been really interesting. Pasta and noodles are shelf stable products and have seen a significant rise in volume. Consumers have flocked to the pasta aisle to stock their pantries in record numbers, and we’re close to meeting our annual forecast only five months into the year! Bringing new consumers into our brands has been a key marketing objective, and we’re achieving that as people are cooking more at home. We are observing that consumers turn to their comfort foods Read More

Eric Vishnevetsky: What Truly Matters

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Eric Vishnevetsky
Senior Wealth Strategy Associate
UBS Financial Services

What do you do for a living, and how has your work been affected the past six weeks?

I work in Private Wealth Management at UBS. Work has had to transition from an entirely in-office model to a complete work-from-home situation, all while working through the world's fastest bear market. Our team has had to reestablish processes, all while adjusting to a new normal, both physically and emotionally. Eight weeks in, I would say we are operating at full capacity, but it will be interesting to see how the industry adapts to
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Ashley Horwitz: Committed, Creative and Resourceful

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D10 Houston athlete Ashley Horwitz 

Tell us about your day-to-day, and how it's changed these past two months. 
I'm Group Fitness Manager and an Instructor for Equinox in River Oaks, in Houston. We closed the doors to our club March 16th and have been inactive ever since, as we await a reopening date. 

With a five-year-old at home, I find it important to maintain some form of routine and to stay active, especially outdoors. We wake up to enjoy some time on the back patio before a big breakfast. After chores, it's time for a bike ride and a dog…
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Jade Dean: Giving Grace

W680 jade h This pandemic has undeniably changed all of us. The heartbreak, worry, and stress are unavoidable but shared. In this time of crisis, I am learning how to adapt and adjust expectations for myself and for my family, daily. More importantly, I am learning to give myself grace.

I am tired, but we all are. I have three boys under the age of five, so from the moment I wake up, it's game time. One benefit of parenthood is that it shields me from being absorbed in the news and worry. I have to be present - my kids depend… Read More

Xiaoning Smith: You Must Adapt

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I’m a classical pianist by trade, and I’ve been wearing a few different hats in recent years. I don’t play professionally any more, but I own a music school in Northern New Jersey, where we offer private music lessons to about 300+ students. I accidentally got hired by lululemon (due to my love of their products and culture!), and I still work at the Flatiron store part time. I also have two boys aged ten and eight, and an entrepreneur of a husband that works a million hours and travels regularly, so I take care of good amount of domestic work…
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