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UNBROKEN [26.17]

Thumb megan light

:  Houston
Athlete:  Megan Light, Cheniere Energy

When I joined my D10 team, I did it on impulse. I’d like to say that “accidentally” signing up for a decathlon is outside my wheelhouse, but it is exactly my wheelhouse. As a typical Type-A overachiever, I’m usually up for a challenge and not afraid of bold decisions.

Several experiences throughout my life, some rather recent, have taught me how strong I can be when I have to be. But in that particular moment, saying yes to the D10, I decided it’s time to see how strong I can be
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UNBROKEN [25.17]

Thumb gabe baker

Market:  Houston
Athlete:  Gabe Baker, HNTB

My journey with the D10 began with a former college teammate sharing with me the opportunity of this competition. Being one who seeks out challenges and ways to push myself physically, I took on the challenge and began training. Funny thing is that my friend who recommended the D10 to me ended up not competing; no fault to him, but I’m glad I did.

I have continued to understand that my physical capabilities at the simple foundation of being able to walk and run unencumbered, are nothing but blessings from God. I
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UNBROKEN [24.17]

W680 race 2419 photo 48369534 Market:  Houston
Athlete:  Emily Ruyle, Marathon Oil

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, your sole focus becomes the cancer and treatment.  For the last year, doctor’s appointments and treatment schedules dictated my life.  While on chemo I had to be conscientious of my white blood cell count and avoid certain things that posed a risk to infection.  I was working during radiation and that was just another thing to fit into my schedule. 

Basically for the last year, I have felt like
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UNBROKEN [23.17]

W680 race 2419 photo 48368576 Market:  Houston
Athlete:  Emily Ruyle, Marathon Oil

Cancer…it’s never a word you want to hear…at any age.  Cancer…it’s not a word you expect to hear when you’re 30, healthy, and leading an active lifestyle.  Cancer is a six-letter word that slaps you in your face giving you the shock of your life then kicks you again when you’re down.  

Last October, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30.  I was in my prime physically
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We Crush Grapes, You Crush Life

It’s not everyday you find an alcoholic beverage, low in carbs, caloric make-up, and sugar. These are three contents that your average consumer normally overlooks while succumbing to unhealthy drinking habits.

Fit Vine Wine is a product tailored to the fitness and health community, offering a healthy drink option that will leave you with no regrets the morning after. What separates FitVine Wine from your traditional wine?

Thumb c700x420

FitVine wines are double filtered in a classic, clean, dry fermentation process yielding higher antioxidants, less residual sugar, fewer carbs, calories and sulfites. The wines are also vegan and have no GMO’s.   
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UNBROKEN [22.17]

Thumb david carraturo

San Francisco
Athlete: David Carraturo, IRC Securities

Admiring the growth of the D10 over the years, I am proud to be competing for my sixth time.The first five I competed in New York City and this year in San Francisco. Less than a month shy of my 53rd birthday, the event this year means a lot to me as it will probably be my last. In March, I was feeling amazing and fully primed for the New York D10. The tweak in my shoulder and pec alarmed me just a bit and I plowed through the pain for a Read More

UNBROKEN [21.17]

Thumb jwood d10

Market: San Francisco
Athlete: Jesse Wood, JPMorgan

2017 will be my second D10 competition. I headed into last year’s competition with a nervous energy and excitement that I haven’t felt very often since my “playing days” ended (gulp) more than 15yrs ago. In our inaugural event in the Bay Area, we had a great turnout and we raised over $250k for pediatric cancer research.  My team of four team raised over $17k alone! Less importantly, we came in 2nd place and had an absolute blast in doing it. While we didn’t break any world records on the track, we pushed
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75 Ingredients Is A Lot. What Are The Benefits?

It’s true, 75 ingredients means this is one comprehensive product. But there’s a reason for that. With one scoop it covers 11 supplements:

  1. Multivitamin
  2. Multimineral
  3. Antioxidant Blend
  4. Blood Sugar Support
  5. Green Superfood Blend
  6. Adaptogens
  7. Neurological Health Blend
  8. Liver Health Formula
  9. Fiber Complex
  10. Probiotic Blend
  11. Digestive Enzyme Formula
Athletic Greens Product Imagejpg

This is key: When you take Athletic Greens, you don’t need additional supplements.
Instead, you can take one hit of superfood nutrition, packed with whole food sourced and readily absorbable micronutrients that provide a solid range of benefits:

Vitamins And Minerals For Nervous System And Immune System Support
Vitamins and minerals are essential
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