Jade Dean: Giving Grace

W680 jade h This pandemic has undeniably changed all of us. The heartbreak, worry, and stress are unavoidable but shared. In this time of crisis, I am learning how to adapt and adjust expectations for myself and for my family, daily. More importantly, I am learning to give myself grace.

I am tired, but we all are. I have three boys under the age of five, so from the moment I wake up, it's game time. One benefit of parenthood is that it shields me from being absorbed in the news and worry. I have to be present - my kids depend on it. My new normal means juggling consulting work, class, and “mommy school” while squeezing a D10-caliber workout in between. 

One week I may have it all together, orchestrating bear hunts around the neighborhood, creating toilet paper roll binoculars and designing recyclable robots. Other weeks, my kids are making appearances on my Zoom meetings, running around in diapers during their class calls, and turning our carpets into art projects. I’ve learned to be more flexible and patient, and appreciate that everyone else’s expectations have changed too. (Phew!)

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I continue to find purpose and motivation in The D10 mission. Sure, I miss going to the track, the competition that comes with a gym, and workouts uninterrupted by kids. However, I am taking it all in stride and showing up for myself, my family and this community every day.