Free Agents

We get it;  you want to join a dream team, but you don't want to form a dream team. Welcome to free agency.   D10 style.

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How to become a free agent

The process is simple.

First, register as a Free Agent.

Then, a D10 Team Captain will draft you to join their team. You may accept, or decline an invitation. It's your choice.

Once you accept an invitation to join a D10 team, you become part of it. Your teammates consider you one of them. You'll experience The D10 together and share an incredible memory. Forever.

Free Agency FAQ

How much does it cost to register as a free agent?

It's the same entry fee as The Individual D10.

What happens if I don't get drafted?

The D10 will either form a team of un-drafted free agents, or give you the opportunity to participate in The Individual D10.

I'm a free agent looking to join a D10 Team in New York – can I get drafted by a D10 Team competing in a different market?


What happens if I decline an invitation?

The Team Captain that attempted to draft you receives that, to borrow from George Costanza says, "It's not you. It's me."

Let's assume I receive an invitation. How do I lookup who else is on the team?

The invitation includes the team name and captain's name. Just 'search for a competitor' on to view the team that wants you to join it.

Can a team draft a free agent of any gender?


Who do I contact if I have questions about free agency?

Just email The Decathlon team — — a representative will reply within 24 hours. Or less.


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