The D10 perfectly adapts the amateur athletic experience 
for driven professionals. 

As an athlete, you remember what it meant to have teammates, coaches, practices and a uniform. 

You remember what it meant to have goals larger than have a championship...
to have a season. 

The D10 unleashes the athlete inside you, and channels your competitive fire to produce a profound social impact. 

Are you ready to conquer The D10?

Team Format

Your Team

Assemble a 2, 3, or 4 member squad. All-male, All-female, or mixed gender.  It's your choice.

Your team competes in The D10's 10 events which are (in order): 400m run, Football throw, Pull-ups, 40yd dash, Broad Jump, 500m row, Vertical Jump, 20yd shuttle sprint, Bench Press, 800m run

Game Time Decisions

The most successful D10 teams recruit members with diverse strengths and allow each member to specialize in certain events. 

Only the top 2 results in each event earn your team points, so on any given event, a team member can scratch strategically to conserve strength for later in the competition.  

Strategy is essential. 

earn points on the field...and off it

Earn points on the field and off it.

One-fourth (¼) of your team's points are earned exclusively through fundraising. (Maximum of 6,667 points)

¾ of your points are earned through athleticism. (Maximum of 20,000 points)

The ONLY way to win is to fundraise well. It's pure math.

The complete rules for the team event may be viewed in the Team FAQs.

Why Create a Team?

your rivals will become your allies, your mentors, your friends

When you join The D10, you meet the kind of people you want to keep in your life: the high-achieving, purpose-driven, socially conscious, no-excuses kind of people.  People who demand the best of themselves and others and know how to get it. 

People who accomplish more in a day than others do in a week. 

People determined to make the most of the life they've been given.

your teammates will become your squad

You and your teammates have been performing The D10's events your whole life.  Now, your challenge is to do them better than ever before, and with more purpose.  The D10 is not a lark--it's a season.  Training and fundraising with purpose can be grueling.  It's a commitment.  Who do you want to have in the foxhole with you?


Do you remember what it was like to make the varsity team, or compete in the championship game?  Those experiences were cherished because they were earned.  The same is true at The D10.  Only a few hundred athletes in each D10 city form this exclusive community.  You'll see The D10 uniform worn with pride all year round, because that uniform is earned, not given.

produce a profound impact

Cancer touches all of us.  And it sucks.  Since 2009, D10 athletes have raised $14.8M to support pediatric cancer treatment and research by harnessing support from their personal and professional networks.

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What To Expect

Ten events.  
One thousand points each.  
The scoring tables are empirical; they've been calibrated around the historical performances of all D10 athletes nationwide, to ensure that exceptional performances earn exceptional scores.  

For The D10 team competition, the top TWO results in each event count toward the team's score.  
D10 teams can therefore earn up to 2000 points in each of the ten events.  
A wrinkle in the team competition is that fundraising also counts toward overall score, so if you want to hoist the team trophy, you're going to have to haul in those donation dollars. 

Learn more about the events and scoring.

Maximum Team Points: 26,667

Athletic points maximum: 20,000 (two results x 1000-point maximum x ten events)


Learn more about the events and scoring.


Each team must fulfill the minimum fundraising threshold to be eligible to participate.  Visit your city-specific homepage to view your fundraising requirement.  Use The D10's performance-based pledging system to maximize your efforts.  The better you perform on the field, the more money raised for charity.  Bring it!

Want to Learn More?

Watch the 2016 NBC Sports special about The D10 New York City.

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