Dawn of a new day...

W680 alexisd10
It is with great excitement, nerves, hope, and uncertainty that I step into new territory.

For a decade, I watched my husband, Dave, and countless others build The D10 into something special.  I got to know the community, sometimes first-hand and, often, second-hand around the dinner table. 

I got to meet inspiring doctors, scientists, researchers, and support staff who boldly pursued efforts to conquer pediatric cancer thanks to critical funding provided by The D10.

I enjoyed a front-row seat as The D10 deliberately built itself into an invaluable launching pad for brands that have become household names.  To this day, I enjoy reminding Dave that he never invested in any of them because a little bit of sarcasm keeps any relationship healthy, right?

For the first 10 years of The D10, I got up before sunrise to assemble gameday signs, and stayed until dark to disassemble bench presses.  It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

And then it stopped, burdened by a global pandemic that uniquely thwarted businesses like this one.

Since then, so much has changed.  For all of us.  

I stepped away from the Energy industry after 20 years to become a full-time mom.  Suddenly, that meant becoming a full-time elementary school teacher too.  Sound familiar?   

Here we are -- 2023.  Life is different, sure. 

What remains, however, is my commitment to this cause and a burning desire to see what happens when good -- nah, GREAT -- people come together and use their collective athleticism for a purpose greater than personal glory.

I am stepping in to lead The D10.  Change is always uncomfortable, but more often than not, change is also good.  Together, we can continue the mission that produced so much good for so long.   

Bring it,