Meet the Decathletes: Jonathan Kozy

W680 jonathankozy

1. Please tell us the name of your firm, title, and describe your role in one sentence. Bank of America, Senior Vice President. I am a Senior Research Analyst in the Macro Strategy group at U.S. Trust. I help drive tactical investment strategy decisions.

2. What are your fundraising and athletic goals for The Decathlon, and what led you to choose them? I’m hoping to reach 5k in donations personally to help my team. My performance-based fundraising will be the vertical jump, so I’d like to close in on 40 inches after hitting 36 last year. I was disappointed in my 40-yard dash time last year so I’d also like to improve there.

3. How are you training? How will you measure success at this year's event? One day a week I work on speed/agility, one day I work on longer track runs and the rest of the time I do whatever workouts seem fun. Often they are crossfit-like workouts. Success will be defined by how many donations I receive.

4. Most Decathletes have participated in mud runs, 5k’s, and triathlons. What differentiates The Wall Street Decathlon experience from those other events? I competed in the Decathlon last year, and my favorite memory was not during the event. Rather, it was a specific email I received from a donor who had a personal connection to pediatric cancer and thanked me for raising money for such a great cause. She gave me a performance-based donation for pull-ups…real motivation. I hit my goal.

5. What’s the one thing about The Decathlon that you’d share with first-time participants? It’s a great cause and it’s fun. If you signed up and raised any amount of money, you did awesome.​

You can donate to Jonathan's team fundraising page here