Patrick Moran: Trying To Set An Example For My Kids

W680 patrick moran and son Patrick Moran
Vice President, Morgan Stanley
The D10 NYC
Fundraising goal: Individual (5K)
2019 Marquee event: Bench Press (Goal: 25)

What is your primary motivator for competing in The D10 events?
My primary motivator for competing in the D10 is to continue challenging myself, mentally and physically, while contributing to a meaningful cause. Having played lacrosse at the United States Naval Academy and serving as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, I have always enjoyed a team atmosphere. While these situations sometimes arise at work, The D10 has filled that void for me. 

I am the father of two small children (2.5 years and 11 months). I try to set an example for them of dedication, perseverance and community. Most especially I want them to see the value in giving of yourself for an important cause -- helping others in need. 

How much of your motivation for participating in The D10 stems from its charitable mission?
Nearly all of it. Knowing that each additional training session and each additional repetition will ultimately increase a child’s chances of beating cancer; there is no greater motivation or payoff in the world.  Visiting Memorial Sloane Kettering Cancer Center is an experience I will never forget. No need for made-up inspiring speeches, this is real-life focus, real-life motivation.

How did you first get involved in The D10?
This is my first year competing in The D10. I was searching for athletic competitions around the NYC area that emphasizes strength with endurance, not just running.  I remember hearing about The D10 a few years back, but never pursued it. After months of hardcore training, I am excited to participate in my first D10. I sense this is a competition and organization that I would like to be a part of for many years.

Thumb patrick moran lax
An officer and a lax-gentleman

How has The D10 been different from your collegiate or high school sports experiences in terms of training and motivation?
Night and Day. Playing lacrosse at Navy centered around organized morning, afternoon and evening workouts. We had a professional strength and conditioning coach that organized our training. We always had partners and teams when lifting to create a sense of camaraderie and competition. For me, The D10 is the exact opposite. While The D10 has organized training classes, I live in Fairfield, CT with a family of two children. It is hard to attend the early classes and sacrifice time with my wife and children. I work out over my lunch break during the week and at the local Equinox as I can on the weekends. It is mental challenging to work out by yourself, stay focused, and continue to push yourself without someone else providing the encouragement.

In what ways has your participation in The D10 affected or enhanced your performance at work?
The D10 has enabled me to expand my internal network here at Morgan Stanley. All of my colleagues have been extremely generous. The D10 has allowed me to connect with them on a level separate from work. In discussing the competition, others begin to share stories about personal accomplishments of their own. Also, it has forced me to prioritize my workouts during the day. I come into work more focused, knowing I need to get a certain amount done before my afternoon workout and then similarly before I commute home to see my family.

Have you made new lasting friendships, or strengthened your professional network, as a result of your D10 experience?
This is only my first year with The D10, but everyone I have met has been tremendous. Whether talking about the cause, training techniques, or career advice, The D10 community is a step above. I look forward to being a part of this great organization for years to come.

Patrick is giving his all to raise money for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Get some good-hearted money behind his D10 mission this year. He sweats, you donate to an amazing cause!