John Harmonay: If These People Can Do It, Why Can’t I?

W680 john harmonay broad jump The D10 Athlete Profile explores what brings competitors to The D10 playing field...and what they bring away from it. 

John Harmonay

AVP, Barclays
The D10 New York
Fundraising goal: 5K
2019 Marquee event: Pull-Ups

What motivated your interest in The D10?
I wanted to get less fat. Also, I was looking to get involved with a meaningful charity. Through The D10, I've achieved both. 

How much of your motivation for participating in The D10 stems from its charitable mission?
Ninety-nine percent. I’m not the fastest or strongest competitor, by far. I’m not here to win The D10. [D10 Founder] Dave [Maloney] always preached that the competition was done before you step on the field. I now know what he means by that. Raising (at a minimum) 3K to fight pediatric cancer is no small feat and goes a long way in helping out the brave children at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

How did you first get involved in The D10?
A friend of mine, Chris Howell, told me about it when we both worked at Barclays. He first pitched it as a way to get access to training classes in NYC while networking with other professionals in finance. At that point I had faded pretty far from my younger athletic self and was looking to get involved in some charity work so The D10 was a no brainer. 

How has The D10 been different from your collegiate or high school sports experiences in terms of training and motivation?
The D10 community has educated me on recovery and proper training techniques. Most of my lacrosse training in college and high school was focused on pushing past your mental limits during physical exhaustion (read: run until you puke). I didn’t know what a foam roller was until I was 29. I can only imagine how much it would’ve helped when I was younger.

Thumb john harmonay rowing machine
John Harmonay wanted to get less fat. The D10 is here to help.

In what ways has your participation in The D10 affected or enhanced your performance at work? 
The D10 has made very clear how much you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Finance attracts “type A” personalities; The D10 only amplifies this fact. I can look to my left and right at any 5am workout and see someone who’s got a better title, better 400M time and is probably much more likable than me. Being around these highly successful individuals only drives you to ask more of yourself. You find yourself thinking, “If these people can do it, why can’t I?”

Have you made new lasting friendships, or strengthened your professional network, as a result of your D10 experience?
I met Rob Licalzi. What a guy. Rob, if you’re reading this hit me up.

Be sure to support John Harmonay in The D10 NYC 2019. Visit his Fundraising Page to lend your support to the fight against pediatric cancer.