Women Who Win: Precious Capiral

W680 img 3560 The D10's Women Who Win series, brought to you in collaboration with ADAY, spotlights some of the incredible female athletes who take to The D10's playing field each year. 

Meet BAML Director Precious Capiral. 

What's been your experience with The D10?

I know it may sound corny, but The D10 has truly changed my life. As a 4’11”, sub-110lb woman, I am generally considered petite. When you look at me, “strong” is probably not one of the first words that comes to mind. I used to share that sentiment. I used to have insecurities around being small, which translated into low self-confidence. That was until I started lifting. The physical strength I have gained through my dedication to training has directly translated into increased mental resilience in all aspects of my life. I am more confident overall, healthier, and stronger than I have ever been. After deadlifting 220lbs, I feel like I can take on any challenge that comes my way! I have also met an incredible group of friends through competing. The D10 community is super supportive of each other - we lift each other up inside and outside of the gym. Pun intended.  =P 

What do you wish more women knew about The D10?
That not every woman competing is or was ever a serious athlete! I think there is a misconception that in order to be successful at The D10, you have to have played sports or been a competitive athlete at some point in your life. That is absolutely not true. When I joined The D10 last year, I did not have either of those boxes checked. I was your average gym-goer who wanted to get in better shape and raise money for a great cause. I was NOT an athlete. But after training hard for 6 months, I accomplished what had once seemed like the impossible. I repped out 17 pull-ups on game day. When I started training, I could barely do 5!

So, women, you can ABSOLUTELY be successful at The D10 if you are not an athlete. You will surprise yourself with what you are able to achieve.

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How do you balance your demanding job with the rigors of being an “executive athlete”?
To me, being an executive athlete means prioritizing your health and fitness while being a boss. I spend the majority of my week at the office, working my hardest to develop and grow professionally – we all do. And outside the office, I add balance to my demanding work schedule by prioritizing my health and fitness. I make it a point to not sacrifice my fitness for work. If that means I need to wake up before 5am to hit the gym even if I got home from work at 10pm the night before, so be it. Being an executive athlete is important to me because it provides an avenue for me to prioritize my health and fitness while giving back to the community through raising funds for pediatric cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Help Precious Capiral raise money to fight pediatric cancer here, and check out her youtube channel for training videos and a skillfully crafted recap of The D10 NYC 2017