Train for The D10 with Fhitting Room, NYC’s Best HIIT Studio

By: Sarah Page


This year, Fhitting Room is thrilled to be partnering with The D10 to offer specialized training classes for all competing Lettermen We’re also excited to be competing with our own team made up of three of our top trainers and one member from our “FHIT” community!

Fhitting Room is a high-intensity interval training fitness studio that delivers a full-body workout. Our small classes bring together the energy and motivation of a group class with the individualized attention of a personal training session.

For D10 Lettermen eager to maximize their training efforts, Fhitting Room has developed an exclusive 10-class package. With the inclusion of training, custom meal plans, live webinars, and 1-month free access to a private nutrition app, this package will ensure you’re geared up for success this June. To gain access, click here to purchase the 10 class package, and enter code TheD102018 at the bottom of the page.

Leading up to our big debut at The D10 NYC, we sat down with Fhitting Room trainer and D10 competitor Farouk Houssein to discuss his training philosophy. A former NYFD firefighter, Farouk has been training at Fhitting Room for over three years.

Q: What do you love most about working at Fhitting Room?
  A: I love seeing our work transfer to our clients. Seeing them be able to do something that they didn’t have the confidence to do, or seeing them push themselves to do an extra rep, was something I was missing in my work previously. Since I’m no longer in the business of saving lives, now I’m changing lives through fitness.

Q: What three words would you use to describe Fhitting Room?
A: Can I use four? Quality. Energy. Challenging. Unique. We are doing something totally different than everyone else in the industry. No one else is at our level when it comes to skill development and providing personal attention in a group setting.

Q: Why are you participating in The D10?
A: The cause and the competition. The cause is amazing and I have a competitive spirit just like a lot of the athletes who are participating. Plus, the fact that I’m one of the instructors getting athletes prepared for this competition is getting me fired up!

Q: What methods of training do you recommend for D10 participants?
A: In our D10 training session, we’re practicing the same movements athletes will be doing at the competition, but under fatigue. The goal is getting comfortable being uncomfortable and being able to push through the ‘suck’ when you’re tired. That extra push is going to help you get those last couple of reps to help you achieve the end goal.

Q: What advice would you give to someone participating in The D10 for the first time?
A: Remember that you signed up for a reason, and that reason is bigger than you. We’re doing this for a great cause. Constantly remind yourself of that and use that as fuel to the flame. Training is not going to be easy. You’re going to have on days and off days, but as long as you’re putting your best foot forward and giving your max effort, that’s all you can do. That, in itself, is a success.

Q: How will you be preparing for The D10?
A: Along with my standard routine, I will take Fhitting Room classes and also hone in on the individual skills required for each event. I’m not going to specialize in anything. I just want to be well-rounded.

Train with Farouk in Fhitting Room’s D10 classes every Wednesday at 5:00 am!