This Goes Out to All the A-Players

W680 dsc 4446 Thanks to the efforts of driven executive athletes across the United States, The D10 has raised $12 million to fund the fight against pediatric cancer. 

We're just getting started. 

This year The D10 is expanding its athletic tour to new cities, launching new ventures, and scaling up to make an even larger impact. 

In all of our active markets, the tip of the spear is the position we call Athletic Director -- the energetic, charismatic, motivated connector responsible for recruiting The D10's field of competitors, and for selling our multi-event contest management software into companies throughout that market territory. The D10 Athletic Director is a senior sales role with earning potential well into the six figures. 

The D10 is now hiring Athletic Directors in ten markets:

*New York
*San Francisco
*Los Angeles

The D10’s Athletic Director (AD) is responsible for business development efforts related to the company’s proprietary multi-event contest management software, and recruiting efforts. You are the Mayor of your city for all things wellness related. Whether selling licenses to owners of fitness facilities, or to Human Resources and Benefits professionals, the AD brings a bevy of relationships and savvy to the sales process. Reporting directly to The D10’s CEO, the AD assumes responsibility for evolving three core areas of critical organizational performance: generating demand, contributing to a successful sales team, and providing business and market intelligence.

You will excel if...

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