Shane Nebbia: In Honor Of Those We Miss And Those Still With Us

W680 shane nebbia and stephen The D10 Athlete Profile explores what brings competitors to The D10 playing field...and what they bring away from it. 

Shane Autumn Nebbia
Associate, Marketing & Communications, JPMorgan
The D10 NYC
Fundraising goal: Team Baby Got Track (8K)
2019 Marquee event: Pull-Ups

What is your primary motivator for competing in The D10 events?
I’m competing in The D10 because cancer hit close to home. In 2014 my 9-month-old niece, Ava, was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, a pediatric cancer that affects the kidneys. Around the same time, my boyfriend Stephen was diagnosed with Cancer of an Unknown Primary (CUP) and became a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Two months later, on February 24, 2015, before beginning any type of treatment, Stephen passed away.

Ever so thankfully, my niece, now five, currently has no signs of cancer and is living and loving life alongside my father, who is himself a two-time cancer survivor. I’m competing to raise money and shine a light on this horrible disease, for those we miss and those still with us.

How much of your motivation for participating in The D10 stems from its charitable mission?
I've been an athlete my entire life. However, I don't think I'd be competing at this level in a decathlon-style event were it not for the fact that the funds raised are going to benefit cancer research. It’s even better that the funds are being directed towards pediatric oncology at MSKCC. It's very dear to my heart.

How did you first get involved in The D10?
I’m a member of the Impact Partners at MSKCC. From MSKCC: "Impact Partners is a group of entrepreneurially minded professionals determined to save lives through philanthropic investments in the most barrier-breaking, early-stage research at Memorial Sloan Kettering.”

Impact Partners introduced me to The D10 world. Additionally, JP Morgan sent out a letter to employees encouraging them to get involved in this amazing athletic and charitable competition. 

Thumb shane nebbia and ava
Shane competes for the likes of this adorable girl, her niece, Ava.

How has The D10 been different from your collegiate or high school sports experiences in terms of training and motivation?
The D10 is different from sports I played growing up in terms of training and motivation because I have such a meaningful purpose this time. I know that every Pull-Up I complete will raise money for an amazing cause. I don't see that as a burden so much as an opportunity and a challenge. Plus, the trainers are fantastic and super motivating. You can't let them down. 

In what ways has your participation in The D10 affected or enhanced your performance at work?
Exercising is the best mind cleanser. Nothing else comes close. The D10 prods me to train on most mornings, and those mornings lead to my best days at work. Sweat leads to success. No shortcuts.

Have you made new lasting friendships, or strengthened your professional network, as a result of your D10 experience?
Absolutely. The shared purpose and shared principles of The D10 athlete community makes for an amazing group of friends and newly found colleagues. I can't wait to compete. 

Help Shane reach her valiant goal as she competes at The D10 NYC 2019.