Peter Baiocco: Philly, Here I Come!

W680 peter 40 yard dash The D10 Athlete Profile explores what brings competitors to The D10 playing field... and what they bring away from it. 

Peter Baiocco
Partner, Daversa Partners
The D10 Philly
Fundraising goal: Team Daversa Partners (10K)
2019 Marquee Event: Pull-Ups (Goal: 20 Reps)

What is your primary motivator for competing in The D10 events?
I'm trying to make some kind of difference for the MSK Kids charity while pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone in the athletic events. Experiencing The D10 with a group of like-minded people is inspiring. 

How much of your motivation for participating in The D10 stems from its charitable mission?
All of it. I compete in many athletic events, but The D10 is the most intense because of its strong charitable focus. The purpose of The D10 makes the effort and the time commitment all worthwhile. 

How did you first learn about, or get involved in, The D10?
I fly between San Francisco and New York all the time for work. On a flight in early 2017, I read about The D10 in Men's Health. I signed up on the plane for the NYC event in July. After that event, I was hooked. I registered for The D10 Houston that very same season. The following year I helped get my entire company involved and we put four teams into The D10 San Francisco 2018. This year, I am excited about Philly. My goal is to compete in a D10 in every market. 

Thumb peter vertical jump
Peter wants to compete in a D10 in every market; expect him to do just that.

How do you see The D10 being different from your collegiate or high school sports experiences in terms of training and motivation?
I played college hockey but my time in that sport was cut short due to injury. I never trained this hard in college. I have never trained harder in my life than I have for The D10. That's two hours a day, six days a week. It’s a lifestyle now. I pick an event every three months to compete in so I am always in shape and always ready to go. It’s fun.

Training for the 10 different events in The D10 is hard because they are all different. Training for bench press, for example, but also being great at the 400 meter sprint takes dedication. I don’t want to just do well in my signature event, I want to be above the average in all 10 events. That's something I have yet to do. Coming soon.

In what ways do you expect your participation in The D10 to affect or enhance your performance at work? 
I am 24/7 with either my family, my work or my training. I have a job that doesn’t end; I'm on call all the time as a tech headhunter. I have multiple projects to manage in multiple time zones, not to mention high expectations from clients and from myself. The D10 training definitely makes me mentally sharper. It's all about firing on all cylinders. My day is always better after my training is done and I can dial in at work. It’s the same with my nutrition. It all needs to be on point. 

Have you made, or do you expect to make, new lasting friendships or a strengthened professional network as a result of your D10 experience?
Absolutely. I already have.

Get in on Peter's inspiring mission to raise money for MSK Kids pediatric cancer research at Sloan Kettering with a donation to his D10 fundraising competitor page. You'll feel good, he'll feel good, you'll both do good together.