Michael Bennett: There's Nothing Else Like The D10

W680 michael bennett running The D10 Athlete Profile explores what brings competitors to The D10 playing field...and what they bring away from it. 

Michael Bennett
Director, Citi
The D10 NYC
Fundraising goal: Individual (10K)
2019 Marquee Event: Bench Press (Goal: 32 Reps)

What is your primary motivator for competing in The D10 events?
The cause is motivation. Unfortunately, the cause exists but the incredible team of doctors, nurses and families at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are working to change that. To be even a small part of that change is extremely rewarding.   

How much of your motivation for participating in The D10 stems from its charitable mission? 
(Almost) entirely. The competition is fun and rewarding in its own right. The camaraderie of the D10 community is amazing. But there are a lot of ways to compete and a lot of different opportunities to raise money. The D10 is truly unique in that it preserves an elite level of competition but also manages to keep fundraising as the number one priority. There's nothing else like it.

How did you first get involved in The D10?
I joined The D10 in 2014 after seeing it advertised on national media. Once I competed for the first time, I was hooked. 

Thumb michael bennett intensity
When you look up "intensity" in the dictionary, expect to find a picture of Michael Bennett working it at The D10

How has The D10 been different from your collegiate or high school sports experiences in terms of training and motivation
Motivation for The D10 extends beyond personal achievement and your team. The D10 allows you to make a collective impact on the community that is larger than what any of us could do individually. I have always competed in the individual competition but I have always felt that I have many teammates: my donors and all of the fantastic coaches, trainers and people that commit their time and money to making a difference.   

In what ways has your participation in The D10 affected or enhanced your performance at work? 
The D10 has become part of my personal "brand”. Companies in any industry want to be associated with hard-working, disciplined and passionate people. They are happy to support these people at work and in their social and charitable pursuits. The D10 requires all of these attributes and promotes a healthy lifestyle and positive energy; that's helpful to any job. 

Have you made new lasting friendships, or strengthened your professional network, as a result of your D10 experience?
Yes. With The D10, I have been able to develop, enhance and create new and existing relationships at work. People I knew before are now much closer friends thanks to our mutual participation in The D10.

Michael has been an extraordinary fundraiser for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center through the years. Help him reach his goals for 2019 with a donation to his fundraising page