Megan Knigge: Family, Children And Friends (My Big Three!)

W680 megan knigge d10 athlete family The D10 Athlete Profile explores what brings competitors to The D10 playing field... and what they bring away from it. 

Megan Knigge
Managing Director / Deloitte
The D10 Chicago
Fundraising goal: Team Deloitte 2 ($6,000)
Marquee Event: 500M Row (Goal: 1:50)

What is your primary motivator for competing in The D10 events?
I love a challenge. Anytime and any place. Turning 40 only reinforced for me the need to push myself outside of my comfort zone. This includes events like The D10 that allow me to compete at my highest level.

How much of your motivation for participating in The D10 stems from its charitable mission?
My first husband passed away from cancer at the age of 30. As we tried to manage the disease and prevent what ended up being inevitable, we felt a need to give back and support children’s cancer and cancer research. The D10 continues what we always wanted to do -- prevent others from having to suffer through this horrible disease at such a young age. (Donate to Megan's athlete fundraising page.)

How did you first get involved in The D10?
My employer (Deloitte) offered to sponsor two teams for The D10 in Chicago. That's the first I heard of The D10 and I'm all in. 

Thumb megan knigge and kids
Megan competes in The D10 for the kids!

How has The D10 been different from your collegiate or high school sports experiences in terms of training and motivation?
The last time I played sports was in high school (basketball and poms), but I have always been active. I'm looking forward to seeing how The D10 helps me regain and reach a new training and fitness level. 

In what ways has your participation in The D10 affected or enhanced your performance at work? 
The D10 has provided me an overall focus on my motivation and what I'm passionate about in life. While it has helped me at work, it's also put into perspective the undeniable importance of family, our children, our friends. 

Have you made new lasting friendships, or strengthened your professional network, as a result of your D10 experience?
I am just starting to meet my teammates, but I suspect we will form some tight bonds. I know how strong they are and I can’t wait to compete with them! Team Deloitte!

This is Megan's first D10. Please help her help the children afflicted with cancer by donating to her D10 athlete page. This motivates our athletes to go above and beyond on Game Day.