Inception: The D10 Training Program

W680 kim Athletes who register for The D10 Philadelphia 2019 prior to May 1, 2019 will receive complimentary access to The D10 Inception Annual Program (a $370 value)

Designed by Olympic and World Champion Adam Nelson
The Inception training program was written specifically for The D10 athlete. It’s a training program intended to focus your efforts on a specific goal: shattering your personal bests on Game Day. Your coach is three-time Olympian Adam Nelson, 
the only World and Olympic Champion in the history of the shot put

Adam has trained multiple Olympic athletes, national champions, NFL athletes, MLB pitchers, PGA Tour members, and professional power and Olympic lifters. Since joining The D10 full-time in 2017, Adam has carefully refined a program that optimizes performance for the specific challenges of The D10’s ten events, and the order in which they’re competed. This is a pretty awesome opportunity to get the kind of preparation professional athletes pay well into five figures to experience. 

A training program is not the same as a workout. A training program provides a structure of linked workouts that build on each other to help you achieve a specific goal. Since our community trains for more than just burning calories, you need a program that trains you with the purpose of attaining a long-term goal. 

The Inception training program provides a process for success. Each week you’ll execute three to five workouts. Each workout is written so that it can be finished in less than hour. The sequence of workouts will follow a progressive loading pattern that ensures the most efficient progress towards your goals. The program relies on concepts like eccentric loading, plus sets, and conjugate methods. Each exercise includes a description and video, and it’s accessible via your phone through the TrainHeroic app. All you have to do is sign up for the program. You can record your workouts each week in the app as part of The D10 Team. 

Inception is not for everyone. It’s only for those who want to take their preparation for The D10 to the next level. If you’re a true beginner - that is, you have no experience with fundamental movements like squat, press and hinge - please seek advice from a certified strength professional at one of our amazing local gym partners to learn the basics. 

Here's What You're Getting: The Bottom Line

D10-Specific Lifting Program Delivered to You via TrainHeroic App
Three days of lifting each week. Videos that show each exercise. Workouts designed to be completed in less than an hour. On-going support from Olympic and World Champion Adam Nelson. This program complements any of the workouts offered by our local coaches. 

What is TrainHeroic? 
TrainHeroic is a leading provider of performance training software. It’s incredibly simple to download and use. If you’re eight weeks into a digital detox, you can always print out a workout card for each day as well. Make sure to enter your workouts each day, because Adam is watching. 
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Guaranteed Results 
What the what? 
Here’s the deal. You do the work? We guarantee the results. You don’t do the work? We can guarantee that your Game Day will fall short of expectations. Adam stands by his programming and guarantees that if you stick with it, you’ll see improvements in your Row, Bench Press, Pull-Ups, Vertical Jump and Broad Jump.