You can learn more about a person
in an hour of play than a year of conversation.

We believe competition brings out the best in you...

That camaraderie born from shared,
memorable athletic experiences endures...

And we believe in using athleticism
to produce a profound social impact.

Are you ready to conquer The D10?

What is The d10?

It's where driven leaders with a passion for competition, a commitment to athleticism, and a love for camaraderie born from experiences in sports come together to produce a profound social impact.
400m run | Football Throw | Pull-ups | 40yd dash | Broad Jump | 500m row | Vertical jump | 20yd shuttle | Bench Press | 800m run

The D10 includes events performed at the NFL Scouting Combine, Olympic decathlon, and on the playground.

"The D10 is a world-class event that brings together an inspiring community of professionals leading the fight against pediatric cancer. I'm proud to be a part of it."

—Mark Spina, President, Russell Investments Private Client Services


You ARe An Athlete. Test Yourself.

Run, jump, throw, row, and lift your way through 10 events we all know and love.

Test yourself among an inspiring community of peers with the added motivation knowing your athletic performance directly impacts the fight against pediatric cancer.


Do you remember what it was like to make the varsity team, or compete in the championship game?  It's an experience cherished because it was earned.  The same is true at The D10.  Only 150 individuals in each market form this exclusive community and earn the uniform worn with pride year-round. 

time well spent

The D10's community is perpetually short on time, but long on goals.  Spend your time as best you can; train with those who'll make you better...for an experience you'll never forget...that positively impacts so many.

produce a profound impact

Cancer sucks. And it touches all of us. Leverage support form your social and professional networks. Since 2009, The D10 has raised $11.0M to support pediatric cancer treatment and research. We will defeat pediatric cancer. Together.

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What To Expect


Athletes are faced with 10 events and given a score for their performance in each. It's just you versus the clock, the weights or whatever challenge we put in front of you. 10,000 total points are available in events testing speed, strength, agility and endurance. 

Learn more about the events and scoring.


Use The D10's performance-based pledging system to maximize your efforts. The better you perform on the field, the more money raised for charity.  Bring it!

Individuals must fulfill the minimum fundraising threshold to be eligible to participate. Visit your city-specific homepage to view your fundraising requirement.

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